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No.9.1/2 Block Plane in Wooden Box

The Faithfull FAIPLANE912 is a 9.1/2 Block plane seated at 21º with a 42mm cutter width. The planes are designed for end grain work or in any situation where a single handed operation is required. The low angle cutter and fully adjustable mouth from wide for coarse work to narrow for the fine shaving of awkward grain, make these planes ideal for all types of end grain work.

Presented in a hinged wooden box.

Cutter Width: 42mm.
Overall Length: 160mm.

Technical Specs

9 1/2 block plane seated at 21 degrees
Cutter size: 42mm

Price £31.50
Delivery Status: Will be despatched today
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Box Content

1 x Faithfull FAIPLANE912 9.1/2 Block Plane
1 x Wooden Box

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