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HP20 Jet Pump Drain Unblocker

The Faithfull HP20 is a high quality, easy to use durable jet pump utilising the power of water to unblock sinks, baths, basin and toilets. The Hydro Jet pump is supplied complete with three different shaped heads making it extremely versatile, enabling it to be used to clear many common pipe and drain blockages around the home.

The small head is ideal for use on standard sinks and basins, the larger cupped head is for use on sinks with large plug recesses and also eliminates the need to remove awkward pop up plugs, which can be left in place if removal is not possible. The toilet adaptor is specially shaped to force water through the toilet pan to remove blockages.

After use the Hydro Jet pump is simply cleaned out by drawing clean water into the unit three or four times and pumped to flush it out.
No chemicals are required to help remove the blockage, making this a safe and environmentally friendly product.

Price £21.70
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Box Content

1 x Faithfull HP20 Jet Pump Drain Unblocker

3 x Shaped heads

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