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Hexagon Key, Imperial

Faithfull Professional quality hexagon keys made from fully hardened chrome vanadium steel.

All keys from 4mm (5/32in) have chamfered edges to prevent damage to blade and fittings.

All keys 3mm (1/8in) and above are marked with their size.

Size. 0.035 AF.

Price is for individual model shown.
FAIHK035: £0.47
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Box Content

1 x Faithfull Hexagon Key 0.035 A/F

Other Products within the Group

Name Type Size Price
Hexagon Key 0.035in A/F
FAIHK035 Faithfull
Standard 0.035in A/F £0.47
Hexagon Key 0.050in A/F
FAIHK050 Faithfull
Standard 0.050in A/F £0.43
Hexagon Key 1/16in A/F
FAIHK116 Faithfull
Standard 1/16in A/F £0.37
Hexagon Key 5/64in A/F
FAIHK564 Faithfull
Standard 5/64in A/F £0.37
Hexagon Key 3/32in A/F
FAIHK332 Faithfull
Standard 3/32in A/F £0.37
Hexagon Key 7/64in A/F
FAIHK764 Faithfull
Standard 7/64in A/F £0.37
Hexagon Key 1/8in A/F
FAIHK18 Faithfull
Standard 1/8in A/F £0.43
Hexagon Key 9/64in A/F
FAIHK964 Faithfull
Standard 9/64in A/F £0.47
Hexagon Key 5/32in A/F
FAIHK532 Faithfull
Standard 5/32in A/F £0.67
Hexagon Key 3/16in A/F
FAIHK316 Faithfull
Standard 3/16in A/F £0.67
Hexagon Key 7/32in A/F
FAIHK732 Faithfull
Standard 7/32in A/F £0.85
Hexagon Key 1/4in A/F
FAIHK14 Faithfull
Standard 1/4in A/F £1.03
Hexagon Key 5/16in A/F
FAIHK516 Faithfull
Standard 5/16in A/F £1.52
Hexagon Key 3/8in A/F
FAIHK38 Faithfull
Standard 3/8in A/F £1.99
Hexagon Key 7/16in A/F
FAIHK716 Faithfull
Standard 7/16in A/F £3.54
Hexagon Key 1/2in A/F
FAIHK12 Faithfull
Standard 1/2in A/F £4.45
Hexagon Key 9/16in A/F
FAIHK916 Faithfull
Standard 9/16in A/F £5.99
Hexagon Key 5/8in A/F
FAIHK58 Faithfull
Standard 5/8in A/F £8.20
Hexagon Key 3/4in A/F
FAIHK34 Faithfull
Standard 3/4in A/F £13.28

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