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Sheet Metal Butt Welding Clamps 4 Piece

Faithfull Butt Welding Clamps are an essential accessory for aligning sheet metal panels edge-to-edge and surface-to-surface. They provide the correct gap to help produce clean welds, requiring minimal grinding after completion. The clamps are simple to use for assembling and fabricating.

Ideal for use when welding patch repairs in floors, wings, door skins or fabricating panels on reskinning projects. These versatile clamps will hold flat, curved and pressed ribbed panels.

Using the clamps to assemble the workpiece:

Slacken the wing nut allowing space for the metal sheets to locate between the base of the clamp, with the toggle bar underneath.

Tighten the wing nut to pull the toggle bar up locking the two sheets together side by side.

Once the two sections have been tack welded together, the wing nut can be slackened and the toggle bar removed, the clamp can then be lifted from the job prior to final welding.

Technical Specs

Pack of 4.

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Box Content

1 x Pack of 4 Faithfull Sheet Metal Butt Welding Clamps

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