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53 Series Galvanised Staples

Rapid No. 53 precision cut fine wire staples are made from high-performance galvanised steel for strength and durability. The fine wire makes the fixed staple almost invisible, ideal for fabrics, decoration, small construction and light repair.

Box of 2500 Rapid 53/8B 8mm Galvanised Staples.

For use with: Rapid R53, R153, R253, R353, R453, MS2.1, MS4.1, ALU610, ALU753, ALU853, ALU953, E100, ESN530, BTX530, R553, PS101, PS6-16, M10R, M20, M30, M40, Eco Tacker, Hobby Tacker, Hobby Tacker Dual, Multitacker, Compacta, Hobby Electric.

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RPD538B2500: £4.72
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Box Content

Box of 2500 Rapid 53/8B 8mm Galvanised Staples

Other Products within the Group

Name Size Pack Qty. Price
53/6B 6mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 1080)
RPD40109502 Rapid
6mm 1080 £4.94
53/6B 6mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 2000)
RPD5000741 Rapid
6mm 2000 £6.62
53/6B 6mm Galvanised Staples (Box 2500)
RPD536B2500 Rapid
6mm 2500 £4.22
53/6B 6mm Galvanised Staples (Box 5000)
RPD536B5000 Rapid
6mm 5000 £7.86
53/8B 8mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 1080)
RPD40109503 Rapid
8mm 1080 £4.94
53/8B 8mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 2000)
RPD5000742 Rapid
8mm 2000 £7.14
53/8B 8mm Galvanised Staples (Box 2500)
RPD538B2500 Rapid
8mm 2500 £4.72
53/8B 8mm Galvanised Staples (Box 5000)
RPD538B5000 Rapid
8mm 5000 £9.35
53/10B 10mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 1080)
RPD40109504 Rapid
10mm 1080 £5.26
53/10B 10mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 2000)
RPD5000743 Rapid
10mm 2000 £7.64
53/10B 10mm Galvanised Staples (Box 2500)
RPD5310B2500 Rapid
10mm 2500 £5.41
53/10B 10mm Galvanised Staples (Box 5000)
RPD5310B5000 Rapid
10mm 5000 £10.33
53/12B 12mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 1080)
RPD40109505 Rapid
12mm 1080 £5.26
53/12B 12mm Galvanised Staples (Box 2500)
RPD5312B2500 Rapid
12mm 2500 £5.82
53/12B 12mm Galvanised Staples (Box 5000)
RPD5312B5000 Rapid
12mm 5000 £10.99
53/14B 14mm Galvanised Staples (Pack 1080)
RPD40109506 Rapid
14mm 1080 £5.26
53/14B 14mm Galvanised Staples (Box 2500)
RPD5314B2500 Rapid
14mm 2500 £6.25
53/14B 14mm Galvanised Staples (Box 5000)
RPD5314B5000 Rapid
14mm 5000 £11.50

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