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Hide Mallet

Thor Hide mallets have a one piece cylindrical compressed hide head, that provides a large striking surface with a relatively light head weight.

These hide mallets are widely used in sheet metal forming, the jewellery trade and used on copper, brass and other soft materials that need to be shaped etc.

These Mallets are fitted with an oval wood handle.

108: Size 0.

Weight 60g (2oz).
Diameter 25mm (1in).

Technical Specs

Size: 0.

Weight: 60g (2oz).
Diameter: 25 mm (1in).

Price is for individual model shown.
THO108: £11.47
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Box Content

1 x Thor THO108 Hide Mallet

Other Products within the Group

Name Type Weight Size Colour Price
108 Hide Mallet Size 0 (25mm) 60g
THO108 Thor
Hide 60g (2oz) No. 0 £11.47
110 Hide Mallet Size 1 (32mm) 115g
THO110 Thor
Hide 115g (4oz) No. 1 £13.99
112 Hide Mallet Size 2 (38mm) 170g
THO112 Thor
Hide 170g (6oz) No. 2 £17.03
114 Hide Mallet Size 3 (44mm) 225g
THO114 Thor
Hide 225g (8oz) No. 3 £20.10
116 Hide Mallet Size 4 (50mm) 340g
THO116 Thor
Hide 340g (12oz) No. 4 £26.30
120 Hide Mallet Size 5 (63mm) 570g
THO120 Thor
Hide 570g (1lb 4oz) No. 5 £32.52
122 Hide Mallet Size 6 (70mm) 680g
THO122 Thor
Hide 680g (1lb 8oz) No. 6 £38.20

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