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Masonry Drill Bit

Black and Decker Masonry Tipped drillbit for drilling house bricks and masonry.

High Tech bullet bit ideal for house brick , concrete , natural stone and ceramic tiles.

NOTE - Do NOT use hammer action when drilling ceramic tiles

Type = Tipped TCT

Diameter 4 mm
Overall Length 75 mm
Working Length 40 mm

Price is for individual model shown.
B/DX53080: £1.52
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brandlogo Code: B/DX53080
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Box Content

1 x Black & Decker Masonry Drill 4.0mm x 75mm

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Name Diameter Overall Length Working Length Pack Qty. Price
Masonry Drill Bit 4.0mm x 75mm
B/DX53080 Black & Decker
4.0mm 75mm 40mm 1 £1.52
Masonry Drill Bit 5.0mm x 85mm
B/DX53085 Black & Decker
5.0mm 85mm 50mm 1 £1.63
Masonry Drill Bit 5.5mm x 85mm
B/DX53090 Black & Decker
5.5mm 85mm 50mm 1 £1.75
Masonry Drill Bit 6.0mm x 100mm
B/DX53095 Black & Decker
6.0mm 100mm 60mm 1 £1.75
Masonry Drill Bit 6.5mm x 100mm
B/DX53100 Black & Decker
6.5mm 100mm 60mm 1 £1.87
Masonry Drill Bit 7.0mm x 100mm
B/DX53105 Black & Decker
7.0mm 100mm 60mm 1 £1.87
Masonry Drill Bit 8.0mm x 120mm
B/DX53110 Black & Decker
8.0mm 120mm 80mm 1 £2.08
Masonry Drill Bit 10.0mm x 120mm
B/DX53120 Black & Decker
10.0mm 120mm 80mm 1 £2.42
Masonry Drill Bit 12.0mm x 150mm
B/DX53125 Black & Decker
12.0mm 150mm 85mm 1 £5.16
Masonry Drill Bit 14.0mm x 150mm
B/DX53135 Black & Decker
14.0mm 150mm 95mm 1 £6.37
Masonry Drill Bit 16.0mm x 150mm
B/DX53140 Black & Decker
16.0mm 150mm 95mm 1 £7.03

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