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Jokari-Krampe GmbH is market leader in the stripping and dismantling technology for all types of wires, cables, and conductors. We produce professional tools for nearly all application areas in which wires must be processed easily, quickly, and safely.

As a renowned specialist with more than 45 years of experience we continually develop innovative solutions for all demands and broaden our product range to adapt it to the changing market conditions.

Cable knives are used to strip the outer insulation from large diameter cables.
Use: Stripping all round cables.

Wire strippers which reliably remove insulation without damaging the conductor
Use: Cable and wire preparation for installation

Automatic wire strippers provide speedy and precise stripping of wires even where access is difficult.
Use: Single, multiple and fine stranded cables.

Wire strippers for the preparation of special cables such as coax, data or solar cables.
Use: Cable and wire preparation for installation

Precision wire strippers for very fine wires such as telecommunication or data cables.
Use: Solid and stranded wires from 0.12 to 1.00 mm Ø 


Jokari have more than 80 stripping tools.  To help you choose the right one you can either select the tool by application or even search by cable using the Jokari Cable Database

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