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Single Plane Iron 2in

This Stanley replacement No.4 Plane Iron is made from chrome carbon steel which has excellent edge retention characteristics and allows a razor-sharp edge to be honed. The cutter is fine rotary ground to give a flat surface that is easier to sharpen.

Size: 2in (50mm).
To fit 112004, 112005, 112204, 112205, 112014 and 112015 Planes.

Price £13.79
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Box Content

1 x Stanley No.4 Single Plane Iron 2in

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Replacement Blade for No.4 & No.5 Planes
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2 Single Plane Iron 50mm (2in)
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778-D Iron for 778 Plane
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Single Plane Iron 2in
STA012313 Stanley Tools
No.4 50mm (2in) £13.79
5 Iron for SB3 1.3/4in
STA012133 Stanley Tools
No.3 45mm (1.3/4in) From £7.60
5 Iron for 9.1/2 & 220 Planes
STA012331 Stanley Tools
No.220 & 9.1/2 40mm (1.5/8in) From £7.60
5 Iron for 9.1/2G & 220G Planes
STA012508 Stanley Tools
No.220 & 9.1/2 40mm (1.5/8in) From £7.60
5 Iron for 60.1/2G Plane
STA012504 Stanley Tools
No.60.1/2 40mm (1.5/8in) From £7.60
5 Iron for 78 Plane
STA112333 Stanley Tools
No.78 38mm (1.1/2in) From £7.60
RB108BP Card of 5 Straight Blades
STA012378 Stanley Tools
Straight Blades 50mm (2in) £4.45

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