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Whether tiling, sealing, sticking or filling, there’s a UniBond product for every room in the house.

 No More Nails  UniBond Strong Bonding

Strong, simple and innovative.

UniBond No More Nails range is the ultimate tool to make DIY easier. Consisting of a variety of grab adhesives to complete any job indoors and out. Available in cartridges, tubes, mini tubes, rolls and strips. All with instant grab technology which allows you to simply stick and move on. 

UniBond Repair

Don’t bin it. Repair it.

UniBond repair adhesives are easy, fast and precise. The product performance is everything you would expect from UniBond too; it’s super strong, permanent and can bond, repair and fill a wide variety of materials from cardboard to ceramics.


“Just UniBond it!” UniBond is trusted by tradesmen and serious DIYers as the original and the best. Whether you are priming, plastering or woodworking, UniBond’s BBA certification proves that UniBond continues to live up to everyone’s expectations.

Sealants UniBond Sealants & Tools

UniBond Anti-Mould Sealant is suitable for most sanitary sealing tasks around your home. The mould protect system makes it suitable for power showers and wet rooms and the lifetime guarantee makes Unibond Anti-Mould Sealant the first choice to finish off bathroom projects.

UniBond Wall Tile Adhesive and Grout

A combined wall tile adhesive and grout offers a complete tiling solution to help combat the growth of mould in and around the shower and bathroom.

The Triple Protection system repels and kills mould.

 Wall Tile Adhesive and Grout
Tapes UniBond Tapes

UniBond’s range of Tapes are ideal to keep in a kitchen drawer or toolbox, as they provide a quick and convenient solution for a range of situations. Whether you need UniBond General-Purpose Double-Sided Tape for a craft project or UniBond Extra-Strong Power Tape to reinforce or repair an exterior surface, e.g. repairing a leaking gutter, you need to be certain that it will provide you with a high-quality result that is durable, reliable and professional.

UniBond Tapes perform on a wide range of materials or surfaces in all types of conditions.

UniBond Humidity

UniBond’s Moisture Absorbers help combat unwanted moisture in and around the home. Their Power Tabs use innovative 2in1 technology to absorb excess water vapour and neutralise bad odours, combating condensation, mould and mildew, damp rooms, and the development of dust mites and allergies in the air.

Ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, wardrobes, caravans, boats and much more.




Categories that feature UniBond

Araldite® & Epoxy AdhesivesDehumidifiers & Moisture AbsorbersDouble-Sided & Carpet TapesElectrician's Insulation TapeGaffa & Builders TapesGrab & Nail Free AdhesivesGrout & Tile AdhesivesKitchen & Bathroom SealantsMounting TapePVA AdhesivesSealant Cleaner & Tools  

Key Products

No More Nails Original Cartridge 365g
Grab & Nail Free Adhesives
Anti-Mould Kitchen & Bathroom Sealant Cartridge Translucent 274g
Kitchen & Bathroom Sealants
Anti-Mould Kitchen & Bathroom Sealant Cartridge White 274g
Kitchen & Bathroom Sealants
Duct Tape 50mm x 50m Silver
Gaffa & Builders Tapes
Duct Tape 50mm x 50m Black
Gaffa & Builders Tapes
Electrical Tape (6 Colour Pack) 19mm x 3.5m
Electrician's Insulation Tape
Duct Tape 50mm x 25m Silver
Gaffa & Builders Tapes
No More Nails Waterproof Interior / Exterior - Solvent-Free 300ml
Grab & Nail Free Adhesives
No More Nails Original Mini Tube 40ml
Grab & Nail Free Adhesives
Super PVA 5 litre
PVA Adhesives