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Footprint has been manufacturing hand tools since the 18th-century and has gained a global reputation for high-quality. 

Still manufacturing most products from their factory in Sheffield, England, Footprint's focus is on delivering affordable high-quality hand tools for tradesmen around the world.

If you want hand tools designed and made to last the toughest of jobs then Footprint is for you.

Footprint - Made in England


Footprint's product range is split into 4 categories: 

1. Builder's Tools

Including the market-leading line pins and high-quality brick bolsters and cold chisels.

2. The World Famous Footprint Pipe Wrench

…It will never let you down.

Footprint Builders Tools Footprint The World Famous Footprint Pipe Wrench

3. Traditional Range of Woodworking Tools

Ranging from tenon saws to cabinet scrapers.

4. Decorator's Tools

Highly effective tools including hacking and putty knives and quality trimming knife blades.

Footprint Woodworking Tools Footprint Decorators Tools

Categories that feature Footprint

Brick BolstersBrick Jointers & RakersCabinet ScrapersClub HammersCold ChiselsDovetail SawsFlooring & Electrician's ChiselsLine PinsPipe WrenchesPlugging ChiselsScutch Comb Holders, Combs & ChiselsTenon SawsTry & Mitre Squares