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Mechanic & Fitter's Vices

Hand ToolsVicesMechanic & Fitter's Vices

Product Listing

5 Mechanic's Vice
From £52.66
3 MaxSteel Heavy-Duty Bench Vices
Stanley Tools
From £62.82
6 Mechanic's Vice
IRWIN® Record®
From £65.24
1ton-e Workshop Vice 100mm (4in)
IRWIN® Record®
MaxSteel Light-Duty Vice 115mm (4.1/2in)
Stanley Tools
Pro Entry Mechanics Vice 100mm (4in)
IRWIN® Record®
No.25 Fitters Vice 150mm (6in)
IRWIN® Record®
1 Workshop Vice with Anvil, Swivel Base
IRWIN® Record®
From £207.56
No.23 Fitter Vice 115mm (4.1/2in)
IRWIN® Record®