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Toolbank's Box Spanners are part of the Melco range of tools and equipment, manufactured by Thomas Meldrum Ltd., a Sheffield based company founded in 1921. They are made from metal tubing and are usually double ended with a different size at each end.

Box spanners are thinner than a socket and are much longer so that they can be used to loosen or tighten bolts and nuts in narrow recesses, meaning that they are often used in plumbing maintenance and automotive repair.

The Melco range of box spanners are made from bright plated steel, and are available in metric and imperial. All can accommodate tommy bars, the appropriate sizes of which are included in the product information.

The range available includes:

TM - Metric, double ended
TIM - ISO metric
TBA - BA double and single ended
TA - AF double ended box spanners
TW - Whitworth double ended box spanners

Also available are regular and long reach spark plug spanners, and motorcycle spanners, both with integrated swivel tommy bars.