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Flat Bit

Faithfull Flat bits are designed to perform fast, clean cuts, will bore all types of timber and are equally efficient when drilling with or against the grain. All bits have a precision ground point and cutting surfaces with extended spurs for faster cutting. All sizes except the 6mm have a non-slip hexagonal shank with a locking mechanism compatible with adaptors or chucks with a built-in quick-release feature. A 300mm extension shank is available for use with flat bits of 16mm and above, for deep drill applications. Ideal for use with both mains or cordless drills

Made to DIN 3126 quality with 1/4in hexagonal non-slip shaft.

Diameter: 32 mm

Overall Length: 152 mm


Flat Bit 32mm x 152mm

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Box Content

1 x Faithfull Flatbit 32mm Overall Length 152mm

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Name Diameter Overall Length Pack Qty. Price
Flat Bit 6mm x 152mm
FAIFB6 Faithfull
6mm 152mm 1 £3.29
Flat Bit 8mm x 152mm
FAIFB8 Faithfull
8mm 152mm 1 £3.50
Flat Bit 10mm x 152mm
FAIFB10 Faithfull
10mm 152mm 1 £3.50
Flat Bit 13mm x 152mm
FAIFB13 Faithfull
13mm 152mm 1 £3.99
Flat Bit 14mm x 152mm
FAIFB14 Faithfull
14mm 152mm 1 £4.19
Flat Bit 16mm x 152mm
FAIFB16 Faithfull
16mm 152mm 1 £4.30
Flat Bit 18mm x 152mm
FAIFB18 Faithfull
18mm 152mm 1 £4.30
Flat Bit 19mm x 152mm
FAIFB19 Faithfull
19mm 152mm 1 £4.66
Flat Bit 20mm x 152mm
FAIFB20 Faithfull
20mm 152mm 1 £4.66
Flat Bit 22mm x 152mm
FAIFB22 Faithfull
22mm 152mm 1 £4.66
Flat Bit 24mm x 152mm
FAIFB24 Faithfull
24mm 152mm 1 £5.20
Flat Bit 25mm x 152mm
FAIFB25 Faithfull
25mm 152mm 1 £5.20
Flat Bit 28mm x 152mm
FAIFB28 Faithfull
28mm 152mm 1 £5.69
Flat Bit 30mm x 152mm
FAIFB30 Faithfull
30mm 152mm 1 £5.89
Flat Bit 32mm x 152mm
FAIFB32 Faithfull
32mm 152mm 1 £5.99
Flat Bit 35mm x 152mm
FAIFB35 Faithfull
35mm 152mm 1 £5.99
Flat Bit 38mm x 152mm
FAIFB38 Faithfull
38mm 152mm 1 £6.19

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