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MAX PLUS™ Alkaline Batteries

Energizer® MAX PLUS™ A type Alkaline Batteries have a leak-resistant design with a 12-year shelf life, ensuring that the batteries are always ready to go. Recommended for high drain devices such as digital cameras, motorised toys and more.

MAX PLUS™ is Energizer's longest-lasting alkaline battery that provides powerful performance for your devices.

1 x Pack of 4 Energizer® MAX PLUS™ AA Alkaline Batteries

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1 x Pack of 4 Energizer® MAX PLUS™ AA Alkaline Batteries

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Name Type Pack Qty. Price
MAX PLUS™ AAA Alkaline Batteries (Pack 4)
ENGMAXPAAA4 Energizer®
AAA Cell (RO3A LRO) 4 £7.54
MAX PLUS™ AA Alkaline Batteries (Pack 4)
ENGMAXPAA4 Energizer®
AA Cell (LR6 - HP7) 4 £7.54
MAX PLUS™ C Alkaline Batteries (Pack 2)
ENGMAXPC2 Energizer®
C Cell (R14B - LR14) 2 £7.54
MAX PLUS™ D Alkaline Batteries (Pack 2)
ENGMAXPD2 Energizer®
D Cell (LR20 - HP2) 2 £7.79
MAX PLUS™ 9V Alkaline Battery (Pack 1)
ENGMAXP9V1 Energizer®
9V (MN1604 - 6LR6) 1 £7.52
MAX® 9V Alkaline Batteries (Pack 2)
ENGMAX9V2 Energizer®
9V (MN1604 - 6LR6) 2 £8.03

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