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Apart from the range of tips available Toolbank stock a wide range of Wera Insert Bits made with an extensive range of specially treated tips.

Adding to the tip and tip material options are the Wera BiTorsion® and Torsion options as described below, combining these options together offers an extensive range of bits for both Industrial or DIY uses.

BiTorsion® bits : BiTorsion® bits have a special heat-treated torsion zone which absorbs the kinetic energy of peak torque from the drive end. This extends the service life of the tool considerably and thus increases productivity. BiTorsion® bits are identified by a green band and the letter B in the product description.

Torsion Bits : Torsion zone offer long service life Torsion technology ensures that peak torque is absorbed in the torsion zone of the bit. This prevents premature wear leading to a significantly longer service life.

DC - Diamond Coated : for bits with bite - minute diamond particles on the tip of the tool literally bite into the screw and ensure that the tool is securely positioned in the head of the screw. This greatly reduces 'cam-out forces' that require users to apply a high amount of pressure on the screwdriver. Bits with diamond coating ensure safe, fast and therefore cost-effective work, particularly when driving screws into delicate materials or high-quality surfaces. Bits with diamond coating are identified by the letters 'DC' in the product name and their golden colour.

Diamond Coated Bits :  BDC BiTorsion® Diamond Coated Bits 

TS - Stainless Steel :The use of stainless steel bits prevents rust stains or pitting corrosion caused by extraneous rust that is produced when using conventional bits on stainless steel screws

Stainless Steel Bits : TS Torsion Stainless Steel Bits 

H - Extra Hard bits : for use on soft screw applications such as screw connections in wood. Torque increases continuously during fastening, without the occurrence of sudden peak torque, until the screw head has reached the surface of the material. The properties of hard bits make them especially suitable for these applications. The special material used to make the extra hard Wera products guarantees a long service life and a low risk of material breakage. Extra hard Wera products are identified by the letter 'H' in the article description and their shiny yellow colour.

Extra Hard Bits : Pozi-Torsion   BTH BiTorsion Extra Hard Bits®  

Z - Hard and Extra Tough bits : for tough screw applications - examples include fastening in sheet steel or metal where initially the screw runs smoothly in the defined thread. As soon as the screw head touches the surface of the material a large amount of peak torque is suddenly generated affecting both the screw and the tool. Bits that are too hard are liable to break. Hard and tough Wera products prevent premature breakage of the drive end and ensure greater durability thus reducing the cost per screw application. Hard and tough bits are identified by the letter 'Z' in the product description and they are steel grey colour.

Hard and Extra Tough bits : BTZ BiTorsion® Extra Tough   


Failed to find Class - Mobility and flexibility in service and maintenance. The modern working environment demands ever greater mobility and flexibility. Over 90% of users require tools for both manual and machine operations with battery-powered, electrical screwdrivers. An increasing number of assembly and service work has to be carried out on site, the Kraftform Kompakt® range offers users a single tool for both types of operation.

 Universal Holders are the most important link between power tool and bit and Wera offer a wide range of holders for all types of screwdriver connection with Rapidaptor® technology - Wera's quick-release chuck - with or without retaining ring. Rapidaptor® Rapid-in, rapid-out, rapid-spin, universal hold, one-handed operation, all this and one-handed operation. The Ring magnet Rapidaptor® are ideal for high-speed positioning and a firm hold of the screw especially ideal for overhead work. Magnetic holders Magnetic universal holders are ideal for wood applications. The block magnet in the holder makes it easier to apply the screw.