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Protect & transform your metal with Hammerite

Hammerite offers a range of products for all your metal painting needs inside and
outside your home. Whether it's your metal railings, gates, radiators, garden
furniture, garage doors or barbecues we have the right product for the task.
Hammerite's product range is split into Multi- Purpose Finishes, Job Specific
Products, Job Specific Finishes, Primers and Rustproofing.

Hammerite Direct To Rust Metal Paint provides ultimate protection for all your
exterior metal, quickly and easily. Unlike conventional metal paint, Hammerite
can be painted directly onto rusty surfaces. No primer or undercoat is needed &
the long lasting rust protection makes gates and railings look great for longer.
As the leading brand for specialist paints for metal, Hammerite has launched
Hammerite Metalmaster, an electrostatic paint gun that is growing the market
and encouraging people to take pride in their railings and intricate metal
surfaces. What was once a laborious and difficult task has now become the
effortless way to paint metal and to get a professional finish 4 times faster than with a
brush, with little mess or hassle.

For all round rustprooting treatment Hammerite have developed Waxoyl, an
effective way to kill old rust and prevent new rust forming. For non-rusting
surfaces preparing the surface with a primer helps promote better adhesion of
the topcoat thus achieving a professional finish.

Categories that feature Hammerite

Automotive Paint & ProtectantMetal PaintPrimer/Undercoat Paints & SpraysRadiator & Heat Paint & SpraysRust Remover & ProtectionThinners & Brush Cleaners