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Marxman Range

Marks a fixing point where your pencil can't!

MarXman is a unique tool designed to quickly and easily mark almost any surface with one push.

Instead of using a drill bit, a bradawl, or sharpening your pencil and searching for the mark you made, MarXman does the job for you. It simply and accurately releases a burst of bright chalk spray, which clearly marks your reference points, making all other marking devices redundant.

Each pen contains 250+ bursts of removable green pigment.

Suitable for brick, metal, wood, pebbledash, porcelain and ceramic.

Available in 2 sizes:

MRXSTD1GRN Standard Pen (Single)
MRXSTD30GRN Standard Pen, CDU of 30
MRXDEEP30GRN Deep Pen, CDU of 30
MRXMIX30GRN Mixed CDU, 15 x Standard and 15 x Deep


View full range HERE, alternatively find your local retailer here for more details.

Published on 02/09/2020, Expires 31/12/2021