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Hook & Screw Eye Kit ForgePack 102 Pieces

The Forgefix Hook & Screw Eye Kit contains a selection of the most popular sizes and is supplied in a handy ForgePack. Contents:

4 x Brass Plated Picture Hanger With Nails: 2 x 40lb & 2 x 50lb.

8 x Zinc Plated S-Hooks: 5 of 3.0x25mm & 3 of 4.3x38mm.

7 x Brass Plated Bent Hook Screws: 4 of 3.3x40mm & 3 of 3.7x55mm.

3 x Zinc Plated Bent Hook Screws: 3.7x50mm.

35 x Brass Plated Screw Eyes: 22 of 2.0x25mm, 8 of 3.0x30mm & 5 of 3.3x40mm.

2 x Zinc Plated Screw Eyes: 4.8x50mm.

5 x Brass Plated Cup Hooks: 3.3x38mm.

30 x Zinc Plated Round Steel, L-Type Nails: 2.3x30mm.

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Box Content

4 x BP Picture Hanger With Nails: 2 x 40lb & 2 x 50lb. 
8 x ZP S-Hooks: 5 of 3.0x25mm & 3 of 4.3x38mm. 
7 x BP Bent Hook Screws: 4 of 3.3x40mm & 3 of 3.7x55mm. 
3 x ZP Bent Hook Screws: 3.7x50mm. 
35 x BP Screw Eyes: 22 of 2.0x25mm, 8 of 3.0x30mm & 5 of 3.3x40mm. 
2 x ZP Screw Eyes: 4.8x50mm. 
5 x BP Cup Hooks: 3.3x38mm. 

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