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Hasp & Staples

Padlocks, Door Locks & SecurityPadlocks and Hasp & StaplesHasp & Staples

Product Listing

5 Wrought Steel Hasps
Master Lock
From £5.54
Hasp 116mm + Discus Padlock 60mm
Master Lock
Hasp 89mm + Solid Brass Padlock 40mm
Master Lock
2 High Security Solid Iron Hasps
Master Lock
From £50.18
2 Wrought Steel Single Hinged Hasps
Master Lock
From £17.47
Chrome Plated Steel Locking Hasp 118mm
Master Lock
Hasp 89mm + 3-Digit Combination Padlock 30mm
Master Lock
Bolt Hasp with Integrated Lock 110mm
Master Lock
Wrought Steel Double Hinged Hasp 200mm
Master Lock