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The versatile DeWALT Plunge Saws (also known as Track Saws) revolutionise the way you use a traditional circular saw - they give Panel Saw capacity, Table Saw precision with Circular Saw portability. In addition to standard Circular Saw capabilities with these saws you'll be able to make inside plunge cuts and trim interior doors.

They offer new levels of speed of set up, accuracy of cut and quality of finish. Central to this cutting system is the DeWALT Track, which combines with other tools in the DeWALT range, ] and with the dust management system; it provides a complete job site solution.

All models have an anti kick-back function which stops the saw from moving backwards along the rail and helps stop the saw from climbing out of the work piece when making plunge cuts. The fixed rail adjusters on the saws increase the accuracy further by reducing deflection during a cut and the blade (40 tooth on Cordless and 48 tooth on Corded) delivers a fine and accurate finish with very little breakout in laminates.


2 DWS520KT Heavy-Duty Plunge Saw
From £599.99
2 SP6000J 165mm Plunge Saw
From £665.93