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Dormer Tools is one of the leading producers of high speed cutting tools in the world, acquired in 1993 by the Sandvik Group. The Dormer name is renowned world wide as the quality engineers cutting tool and for nearly 100 years has been synonymous with developments at the leading edge of tool design and production technology.

As well as spearheading the development of hi-tech application tools, Dormer has brought out differentiated designs of its standard Jobber and Morse Taper Shank drills, offering enhanced performance and added value to its customers.

Categories that feature Dormer

A101 HSS Left Hand Spiral Jobber DrillA108 Quick Spiral for Stainless SteelA110 Long Series DrillsA119 & A120 HSS Stub DrillsA125 Extra Length DrillsA130 Morse Taper Shank DrillsA170 Parallel Shank DrillsA200 & A225 Centre Drills - HSSBurrsCountersink BitsHSS Jobber, Twist Drills for MetalScrew Extractors & Bolt GripsTaps & DiesTiN Coated & Cobalt Jobber Drills