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Plastic Pipe Cutter 3-28mm Capacity

This Faithfull Plastic Pipe Cutter is a handy non-ratcheting plastic pipe cutter, designed for quick and repetitive cutting when installing flexible plastic water pipe up to 28mm.

The body of the cutter is manufactured from a hard-wearing Nylon and fitted with a high-performance 53HRC steel blade, to provide an easy clean cut each time. This lightweight tool is ideal for carrying around all day and features a safety lock when stored on a tool belt or work trousers.

Capacity: 3-28mm.

Technical Specs

Capacity: 3-28mm.

Price £7.14
Delivery Status: Will be despatched next working day
brandlogo Code: FAIPPC328N
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Box Content

1 x Faithfull Plastic Pipe Cutter Capacity 3-28mm

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