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Barrel Pump - Lever Action for 50-205L Drums

The Faithfull FAIOCP50205L has an efficient lever action pump for use with steel barrels. This heavy-duty pump features a diecast aluminium head and bung nut, with a zinc plated 38mm curved discharge spout, and telescopic suction tube adjusting to suit the barrel size.

The Faithfull FAIOCP50205L is for use with petroleum-based liquids only, with the following specifications:

Delivers: 300ml (10 fl oz) per stroke.
Fits: 50 to 250 Litre (15 - 55 gal) drums.


Technical Specs

Delivers: 300ml (10 fl oz) per stroke
Fits: 50 to 250 L (15 - 55 gal) drums
Zinc plated 38mm curved discharge spout and telescopic suction tube

Price £55.12
Delivery Status: Will be despatched next working day
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Box Content

1 x Faithfull FAIOCP50205L Barrel Pump - Lever Action for 50-250L Drums

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