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Petrol Can & Spout

A colour co-ordinated plastic fuel can with external graduations moulded into the outer casing.

Supplied with flexible pouring spout which mounts neatly on can top.

The Petroleum Spirit (Motor Vehicles etc.) Regulations 1929 and the Petroleum Spirit (Plastic Containers) Regulations 1982 limit the amount of petrol that can be kept in a domestic garage or within six metres of a building (e.g. most domestic driveways).

The limit is a maximum of two suitable metal containers each of a maximum capacity of ten litres and two plastic containers (which have to be of an approved design) each of a maximum capacity of five litres.

These limits also apply to any containers kept in a vehicle parked in the garage or on the driveway (but not to the internal fuel tank of the vehicle). Under no circumstances should the petrol containers be stored in the home itself.

Colour. Red. (Leaded)

Size. 5 litre.

Price is for individual model shown.
D/ICAN1: £7.85
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Box Content

1 x S STYLE Leaded Petrol Can & Spout Red 5 litre

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