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Multi-Sharp® Dual Purpose Drill Bit & Tool Sharpener

The Multi-Sharp® ATT2001 Dual Purpose Sharpener will accurately sharpen HSS and masonry bits, (including 2 and 4 edged bits and SDS Plus Bits) and Brad centre point bits. The grinding jig accurately positions each type of bit over the wheels (aluminium oxide and silicon carbide), and grinds the correct tip and relief angles. Can be powered by any electric drill.

It also re-edges and re-sharpens scribers, bradawls, punches, cold chisels and TCT tile and laminate cutters. Fits any power drill.

Drill Bit Capacity: 3-13mm.

Long life, high quality Aluminium Oxide and Silicon Carbide wheels sharpen at least 150 HSS/Wood bits and 75 Masonry/SDS+ bits respectively (based on 6.5mm dia.). Grinding wheels are replaceable.

Also re-edges, resharpens small tools: scribers, bradawls, punches, cold chisels, TCT laminate/tile cutters.

Technical Specs

Resharpens the following bits: HSS, Masonry , SDS-Plus, Brad-point. – 3-13mm diameter.
Grinding jig accurately sharpens tip/relief angles – 118°-135°


Multi-Sharp® Dual Purpose Drill Bit & Tool Sharpener

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Box Content

1 x Multi-sharp® ATT2001 Dual Purpose Drill & Tool Sharpener

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