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No matter which industry you are in, if you have to go onto a site where tools are being used, chances are there will be extremely stringent rules regarding the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) you wear. It is very important when using any tool to ensure that you are wearing the appropriate equipment for the job. Lack of preparation towards the risks the job can bring could result in serious injury. The range of protective equipment comes in a number of models and standards and it is important to ensure that the right standard is used for the appropriate job, in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions.

When choosing a mask or respirator it is extremely important to know which kind of protection you require. Non PPE masks are also known as comfort masks. This is because they provide no protection to the lungs and should only be used for comfort or the protect the work piece from exhaled breaths. FFP1 masks are designed to protect against non-toxic particles. Failed to find Class are designed to protect against fine toxic particles. Failed to find Class are the highest level of protection and are designed to withstand very fine toxic particles. Respirators are half face masks and provide excellent comfort and protection, they can be rated FFP1, 2 or 3 and most have interchangeable filters so that you can switch between levels of protection for each job that is tackled. Gas & vapour masks are, as the name suggests, designed to protect against harmful gases and vapours.

Face and head protection is extremely important whether working on site or in your own home. Toolbank’s range should ensure that no matter the job in hand, we have something to protect you. Safety Helmets should be worn whenever working at height or when there are hazards overhead. On almost all building sites the use of a safety helmet will be required by law.

Toolbank also hold a comprehensive range of eye protection, from simple goggles and spectacles to Full face visors. When choosing one of these products, particular care should be taken to ensure the correct protection is provided, whether grade 1 or 2 impact rated protection or simple cover from liquids that might contaminate the eye. Gas welding goggles and shields should only be used for protection from welding equipment. They are spark resistant and have tinted lens to protect the eyes. They are not impact resistant so provide very little protection from flying materials.

Toolbank’s Ear defenders are designed to prevent damage to hearing that can be caused by operating heavy machinery. They are designed to be comfortable for everyday use, whether you prefer overhead defenders or small plugs.

Forestry kits are designed to provide complete protection for the head, face and ears when working with trees and similar materials.

Falls from height are the most common cause of fatal injury, and the second most common cause of serious injury in the workplace, accounting for a total of 15% of workplace injuries. Fall arrest equipment is designed to minimise risk of injury by falling, using elasticated webbing which is anchored to a vantage point to arrest the fall. 

Lastly, Toolbank have a range of Tool lanyards which are designed to hold tools when working at height to prevent the risk of them falling and hitting bystanders or valuables below.