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Irwin Tools

IRWIN TOOLS manufactures and distributes professional grade hand tools and power tool accessories worldwide for trade professionals who demand superior performance and durability on the job.

IRWIN TOOLS' brand portfolio features user-preferred category leaders such as
IRWIN®, Vise-Grip®, Marathon®, Quick-Grip®, Speedbor®, Strait-Line®, Unibit®, and Hanson®.

Irwin brands


Categories that feature IRWIN®

Arbors & Pilot DrillsAuger BitsAviation Compound SnipsBits & Holders - IrwinCarpenter & Construction GlovesChalk Line ReelsCircular Saw BladesDiamond Drills, Tile & Glass DrillsDrywall & Plasterboard SawsEnd Cutting Pliers & Carpenter's PincersFlat BitsForstner & Lip & Spur BitsGranite Drill BitsHacksaws & BladesHexagon Key SetsHolesaw SetsHolesawsHSS Jobber, Twist Drills for MetalJunior Saws, Mini Hacksaws & BladesKnee PadsMasonry Drill BitsMortar RakesNutspinnersPipe Cutters - Plastic TubePower Tool Accessory KitsPull Saws & BladesSabre Saw BladesSawhorses, Roller Stands & TrestlesScrew ClampsScrew Extractors & Bolt GripsScrewdriver SetsScrewdriver VDE SetsScrewdrivers Multi-BitScrewdrivers PhillipsScrewdrivers PozidrivScrewdrivers SlottedScrewdrivers TORXScrewdrivers VDESDS Max Drill BitsSDS Plus Drill BitsSliding BevelsSteels - SDS Max FittingSteels - SDS Plus FittingStep Drills & BradradsTapes - Pocket TapesTiN Coated & Cobalt Jobber DrillsTool BagsTorx Key SetsTote BagsTry & Mitre Squares  

Key Products

Aviation Snips Left Cut 250mm (10in)
Aviation Compound Snips
Aviation Snips Right Cut 250mm (10in)
Aviation Compound Snips
Aviation Snips Straight Cut 250mm (10in)
Aviation Compound Snips
20SL Offset Snips Left Hand 225mm (9in)
Aviation Compound Snips
20SR Offset Snips Right Hand 225mm (9in)
Aviation Compound Snips
Bolt Grip Fastener Remover Base Set, 5 Piece
Screw Extractors & Bolt Grips
Bolt Grip Fastener Remover Expansion Set, 5 Piece
Screw Extractors & Bolt Grips
Standard Pocket Tape 5m/16ft (Width 19mm) Carded
Tapes - Pocket Tapes
Standard Pocket Tape 8m/26ft (Width 25mm) Carded
Tapes - Pocket Tapes
Nail Puller 200mm (8in)
End Cutting Pliers & Carpenter's Pincers