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Arrow Fastener Company LLC is the leader in manual, electric and brad nail fastening tools for the professional building trades and do-it- yourself markets.

Founded in New York City, NY. in 1929 Arrow quickly became synonymous with its heavy duty steel staple gun, the T50 and its full range of staples. With over 80 years of experience in innovative design and manufacturing of fastening tools for a wide variety of applications, Arrow Fastener has earned its reputation as a well established and trusted supplier of durable, reliable and affordable fastening products following traditions and goals of continuous improvement.

Time tested for more than five decades, the Arrow T50 is the world's best selling staple gun.

With its headquarters and main manufacturing facility based in Saddle Brook, NJ since 1962, the company now markets a full line of manual and electric staplers, electric brad nail guns, glue guns, hammer tackers, rivet tools and the fastening supplies. Many of them are specifically designed to make the job easier for professional and DIYers alike.

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