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RemGrit® Holesaw

The RemGrit® Holesaw is a carbide grit edged holesaw designed to cut extremely hard or abrasive materials including ceramic tiles, laminates, MDF, marble,slate, glass fibre and virtually any material that does not form a chip.

It cuts cast iron, ceramic tiles, laminates, composition board, marble, slate, glass fibre, asbestos. Totally interchangeable with all other American Pattern Holesaws.

Maximum Cutting Depth: 29mm.

Disston G012 RemGrit® Holesaw 19mm

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DISGRIT19: £14.04
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Box Content

1 x Disston G012 RemGrit Holesaw 19mm

Other Products within the Group

Name Size Material Price
G012 RemGrit® Holesaw 19mm
DISGRIT19 Disston
19mm Carbide Grit £14.04
G013 RemGrit Holesaw 20mm
DISGRIT20 Disston
20mm Carbide Grit £14.04
G014 RemGrit Holesaw 22mm
DISGRIT22 Disston
22mm Carbide Grit £14.30
G016 RemGrit Holesaw 25mm
DISGRIT25 Disston
25mm Carbide Grit £15.22
G018 RemGrit Holesaw 29mm
DISGRIT29 Disston
29mm Carbide Grit £16.34
G020 RemGrit Holesaw 32mm
DISGRIT32 Disston
32mm Carbide Grit £17.51
G022 RemGrit Holesaw 35mm
DISGRIT35 Disston
35mm Carbide Grit £18.68
G024 RemGrit Holesaw 38mm
DISGRIT38 Disston
38mm Carbide Grit £19.51
G028 RemGrit Holesaw 44mm
DISGRIT44 Disston
44mm Carbide Grit £20.27
G032 RemGrit Holesaw 51mm
DISGRIT51 Disston
51mm Carbide Grit £21.10
G038 RemGrit Holesaw 60mm
DISGRIT60 Disston
60mm Carbide Grit £22.90
G040 RemGrit Holesaw 64mm
DISGRIT64 Disston
64mm Carbide Grit £24.56
G044 Remgrit Holesaw 70mm
DISGRIT70 Disston
70mm Carbide Grit £25.99
G048 Remgrit Holesaw 76mm
DISGRIT76 Disston
76mm Carbide Grit £27.92
G052 Remgrit Holesaw 83mm
DISGRIT83 Disston
83mm Carbide Grit £29.77
G054 Remgrit Holesaw 86mm
DISGRIT86 Disston
86mm Carbide Grit £30.70
G060 Remgrit Holesaw 95mm
DISGRIT95 Disston
95mm Carbide Grit £31.63
G064 Remgrit Holesaw 102mm
DISGRIT102 Disston
102mm Carbide Grit £32.57
G072 Remgrit Holesaw 114mm
DISGRIT114 Disston
114mm Carbide Grit £37.21

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