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Laser measuring instruments have conveniently revolutionised the construction, renovation and refurbishment industries.

Anyone deciding to purchase a high quality laser measuring instrument will reap the benefits from it for many years, from hanging pictures to building complete houses, or vice versa.

Just like any precision instrument, a good laser measuring instrument never comes cheap but it is a highly profitable investment in precision, safety and time saving.

There are five different laser functions,enabling you to use these modern measurement techniques with extreme versatility. There are also different types of laser measuring instruments with different combinations of functions from laser spirit levels to fully automatic rotation lasers.

The Five laser functions  

1. Point Function
The laser beam is visible as a dot on the viewed surface.
Horizontal levelling:e.g. installing walls, aligning windows, laying out sockets and switches, aligning cupboards, furniture, pictures &

2. Point function with 90°
The laser beam is emitted at right angles to the horizontal beam.
Vertical levelling: e.g. installing partitions, erecting roofs, building car ports and pergolas, tiling

3. Line Function

The lens projects the laser beam as a line on floors, walls and ceilings.
Vertical projection: e.g. aligning wall panelling, marking stud partitions, extending roof pitch lines

4. Plumb-line function

Transfers a determined point from the floor to the ceiling.
Transferring measurement points: e.g. designing lighting assemblies, establishing ceiling piercings and stairways holes

5. Rotation function Automatic or Manual

The laser beam rotates horizontally 360° around its vertical axis.
Horizontal levelling: e.g. surveying excavation floors, levelling ready-made components and floorings, installing ceilings and shafts &

Four types of laser units 

1 Point laser:
Compact units for many levelling tasks indoors and out. For craftsmen and do-it-yourself enthusiasts, who wish to take advantage of the variety of functions offered by laser appliances, for little cost.

2 Line lasers:
Compact units for working with a visible laser line. Ideal for all indoor construction work. For craftsmen and do-it-yourself enthusiasts wish to work with visible laser lines in the simplest way.

3 Rotation laser:
Professional units for frequent use. Highly accurate and with a long range. For all levelling tasks, vertically and horizontally, indoors and outdoors. Essential equipment for highly demanding craftsmen and do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

4 Laser distance measurers:
Here the laser beam is not used for levelling but for measuring distances. From several values, the laser distance measurer calculates areas, volumes and much more.

DISTO™ D2 Laser Distance Meter 100m Bluetooth®
Leica Geosystems
DISTO™ D1 Laser Distance Meter 40m Bluetooth®
Leica Geosystems
DISTO™ D110 Laser Distance Meter 60m Bluetooth®
Leica Geosystems
CLR104 Telescopic Staff 5m
Leica Geosystems
Rod Eye 160 Digital Receiver with Bracket
Leica Geosystems
Rod Eye 120 Basic Receiver
Leica Geosystems
3 NA300 Series Optical Level
Leica Geosystems
From £166.80
TRI 70 1/4in Thread Aluminium Mounting Tripod 40-115cm
Leica Geosystems
GST103 5/8in Thread Aluminium Tripod 105 - 168cm
Leica Geosystems
2 Rugby 610 Rotating Laser
Leica Geosystems
From £797.16
Lino L2-1 Red Cross Line Laser Kitbox Li
Leica Geosystems
TRI 100 1/4in Thread Aluminium Mounting Tripod 70-172cm
Leica Geosystems
CLR290 Floor to Ceiling Laser Pole
Leica Geosystems
Lino L2S-1 Red X Line Laser Starter Pack
Leica Geosystems
Rugby 620 Slope Laser Basic Li-ion
Leica Geosystems
RGR200 Pulsing Red/Green Receiver - Line Lasers Only
Leica Geosystems
Lino L2 Cross Line Laser
Leica Geosystems
Rugby 640 Rotating Gradient Laser Li-ion
Leica Geosystems
RVL 80 Receiver Unit - Line Lasers Only
Leica Geosystems
Lino L2G-1 Green Cross Line Laser Kitbox Li
Leica Geosystems
Rod Eye 140 Classic Receiver with Bracket
Leica Geosystems
TA360 DISTO™ Tilt & Angle Tripod Adaptor
Leica Geosystems