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At Mag, they believe the spirit and character of the company is most clearly defined and expressed by their founder, owner and president Anthony Maglica. Each flashlight is a result of his obsession with fine engineering, craftsmanship and his commitment to perfection.

An experimental machinist by training and a manufacturing innovator by practice, Mr. Maglica has guided his company's growth from a one-man machine shop in 1955 to an enterprise that employs hundreds of dedicated employees today. But his work does not stop there. Mr. Maglica continueshis commitment to quality by continually improving upon the product that bears his name.


Categories that feature Maglite

Bulbs & AccessoriesHandheld Torches  

Key Products

AM2A021 AA Holster - Plain
Bulbs & Accessories
AM2A051 AA Holster - Nylon
Bulbs & Accessories
ASXC041 C Cell Belt Loop
Bulbs & Accessories
ASXD021 Auto Clamps (2) Skin
Bulbs & Accessories
ASXD031 D Cell Belt Loop
Bulbs & Accessories
K3A016 Mini Mag AAA Solitaire Torch Black (Blister Pack)
Handheld Torches
LK3A001 Solitaire Bulb
Bulbs & Accessories
LM2A001 AA Bulb
Bulbs & Accessories
LMXA201 Krypton Bulb 2 Cell
Bulbs & Accessories
LMXA301 Xenon White Star Bulb 3 Cell
Bulbs & Accessories