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Fisco is a world leader in innovating and manufacturing and distributing a wide range of measuring tools for the building, surveying and allied professional trades.

Fisco's user based approach to product development results in unique tools that are designed from the ground up to do a better job-- like the award winning BigT tape and BigX spirit level.

Fisco's technology led production quality is second to none, with developments such as non-contact computerised printing to better than EC class 1 accuracy - more than twice as accurate as conventional tapes. This is so precise, that Fisco have had to develop what is probably the world's most accurate laser based length checking system-- with a working tolerance of 1 micron per metre which is less than one twelth the thickness of a human hair over 30 metres!

Fisco is the British member of a unique European manufacturing alliance, of three independent companies, together forming a major worldwide force in levelling and length measuring tools for the building and DIY trades.

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