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Drainage Shovel, Long Handle

The Roughneck® Long Handled Drainage Shovel has a sharpened blade making it easier to cut into clay, compacted or root-ridden ground. Ideal for digging deep, narrow trenches for laying drains, pipe and cable channels, as well as digging holes for posts and signs. The long fibreglass handle with contoured grip, offers increased leverage and power, allowing for a more comfortable, upright position to be maintained whilst digging.

Built to last, it is manufactured from heavy-duty, carbon steel with a corrosion-resistant, tumble lacquered finish. Treads on the blade allow for increased pressure to be applied with reduced risk of slippage. The Power Ring socket, steel-reinforced plug, provides a stronger blade to handle connection.


Blade Width: 160mm
Overall Length: 1460mm (57.1/2in)

Technical Specs

Blade Width: 160mm
Overall Length: 1460mm (57.1/2in)


Drainage Shovel, Long Handle

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Box Content

1 x Roughneck® Long Handled Drainage Shovel

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