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Wad Punch

Wad punches are used for cutting holes in soft materials or for producing discs from the material being cut.
One piece forging with ground and polished tapered section.

Size 6mm (1/4 in)

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PRI94006: £9.40
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Box Content

1 x Priory Wad Punch 1/4in 6mm

Other Products within the Group

Name Diameter Price
Wad Punch 6mm (1/4in)
PRI94006 Priory
6mm (1/4in) £9.40
Wad Punch 8mm (5/16in)
PRI94008 Priory
8mm (5/16in) £9.40
Wad Punch 10mm (3/8in)
PRI94010 Priory
10mm (3/8in) £10.52
Wad Punch 11mm (7/16in)
PRI94011 Priory
11mm (7/16in) £10.52
Wad Punch 13mm (1/2in)
PRI94013 Priory
13mm (1/2in) £10.52
Wad Punch 14mm (9/16in)
PRI94014 Priory
14mm (9/16in) £10.52
Wad Punch 16mm (5/8in)
PRI94016 Priory
16mm (5/8in) £15.40
Wad Punch 19mm (3/4in)
PRI94019 Priory
19mm (3/4in) £15.40
Wad Punch 21mm (13/16in)
PRI94021 Priory
21mm (13/16in) £17.26
Wad Punch 22mm (7/8in)
PRI94022 Priory
22mm (7/8in) £17.26
Wad Punch 24mm (15/16in)
PRI94024 Priory
24mm (15/16in) £17.64
Wad Punch 25mm (1in)
PRI94025 Priory
25mm (1in) £17.64
Wad Punch 29mm (1.1/8in)
PRI94029 Priory
29mm (1.1/8in) £24.58
Wad Punch 32mm (1.1/4in)
PRI94032 Priory
32mm (1.1/4in) £24.58
Wad Punch 35mm (1.3/8in)
PRI94035 Priory
35mm (1.3/8in) £28.67
Wad Punch 44mm (1.3/4in)
PRI94044 Priory
44mm (1.3/4in) £46.32
Wad Punch 51mm (2in)
PRI94051 Priory
51mm (2in) £64.54

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