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Cup Brush

The Lessmann Cup Brushes are filled with crimped wire and are ideal for working on large surfaces. They can also be used for the removal of rust, paint, dirt or scale and for polishing.

A range of sizes and wire styles are available.

Diameter. 60mm.
Wire Height. 20mm.
Bore. M10 x 1.25.
Wire Gauge. 0.35.
Wire Type. Steel.
Max. R.P.M. 12,000.

Price is for individual model shown.
LES421163: £12.49
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Box Content

1 x Lessmann Cup Brush 60 x M10 x 1.25 x 0.35 Wire

Other Products within the Group

Name Diameter Thread Wire Price
Cup Brush 60mm M10, 0.35 Steel Wire
LES421163 Lessmann
60mm M10 0.35 Steel £12.49
Cup Brush 60mm M10, 0.30 Steel Wire
LES421164 Lessmann
60mm M10 0.30 Steel £12.20
Cup Brush 60mm M14, 0.35 Steel Wire
LES421167 Lessmann
60mm M14 0.35 Steel £11.56
Cup Brush 75mm M10, 0.35 Steel Wire
LES423164 Lessmann
75mm M10 0.25 Steel £20.68
Cup Brush 75mm M14, 0.35 Steel Wire
LES423167 Lessmann
75mm M14 0.35 Steel £20.68
Cup Brush 80mm M14, 0.35 Steel Wire
LES424177 Lessmann
80mm M14 0.35 Steel £22.92
Cup Brush 80mm M14, 0.30 Stainless Steel Wire
LES424367 Lessmann
80mm M14 0.30 Stainless Steel £40.97
Cup Brush 100mm M14, 0.35 Steel Wire
LES426177 Lessmann
100mm M14 0.35 Steel £29.94
Cup Brush 125mm M14, 0.35 Steel Wire
LES427177 Lessmann
125mm M14 0.35 Steel £43.40
Cup Brush 150mm M14, 0.35 Steel Wire
LES429177 Lessmann
150mm M14 0.35 Steel £47.41
Cup Brush 150mm 5/8 BSW, 0.35 Steel Wire
LES429178 Lessmann
150mm 5/8 BSW 0.35 Steel £47.41

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