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BT5ME Big T Tape 5m/16ft (Width 19mm)

The Fisco BT5ME Big T Tape has a multitude of user benefits, designed for measuring more quickly, easily and reliably. Its ultra tough, wear resistant steel blade features metric and imperial graduations. Accurate to EC Class I, offering the end-user the highest level of measuring accuracy available. Clear-view end-hook, mounted below the blade allowing the blade to be read right up to the tip.

The tough rubber protected case and patented shock absorber have been designed to survive heavy on-site use. Exact inside measurements are possible with the 100 mm case size making add-ons easy with the mouth cursor showing the precise reading (the 5m model has flip-out arm). It also has a unique snap-in quick-release belt clip holster.

Made in Britain.

Technical Specs

Blade Length: 5m/16ft.
Blade Width: 19mm.
Accuracy: EC Class I.


BT5ME Big T Tape 5m/16ft (Width 19mm)

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Box Content

1 x Fisco BT5ME Big T Tape 5m/16ft (Width 19mm)

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