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IRWIN Vise-Grip

The Vise-Grip ® Locking Tool was invented in the 1924 by a blacksmith in a small town of DeWitt, Nebraska. William Petersen was a Danish immigrant who invented the first locking pliers in his blacksmith shop, and began selling them from the back of his car to farmers and people in surrounding towns. He patented his new idea and called it Vise-Grip ®.

Since then, Vise-Grip ® has gained global brand recognition as the first choice for Locking Pliers. Innovation and quality are the core values of the Vise-Grip ® brand. With proven performance in every turn, these are the tools that tradesmen choose first – and pass on to the next generation.

The IRWIN® VISE-GRIP® family offers a full line of locking pliers, water pump & VDE Pliers, certified by TÜV/GS. IRWIN® VISE-GRIP® pliers and wrenches continue to set the standard for dependability, quality, and innovation… today and tomorrow. Wherever there’s a need for a quality tool, IRWIN® VISE-GRIP® is on the job.

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