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Laserliner is a competant partner around the world. In the planning, construction, modernisation, renovation and restoration, their instruments are characterised by numerous technical innovations. Laserliner celebrates 20 years (1993 - 2016) in the manufacture of professional tools for measuring, detection and levelling. Based in Germany, the team have developed a broad range of solutions that are both innovative and use friendly. Their early beginnings with a range of laser levels has extended to include moisture and building inspection tools, digital spirit levels, angle gauges, electrical testers and laser distance measure.

Categories that feature Laserliner

Damp Detectors & TestersDigital & Infrared ThermometersInspection CamerasMetal, Power, Joist & Stud DetectorsMultimetersVoltage Testers  

Key Products

ActiveFinder- Contactless Voltage Tester
Voltage Testers
Socket Check - Quick Socket Wiring Tester
Voltage Testers
Combifinder Plus - Metal & AC Wall Scanner
Metal, Power, Joist & Stud Detectors
MultiFinder Plus - Universal Wall Scanner
Metal, Power, Joist & Stud Detectors
StarFinder Plus - Wood/Metal Stud Finder
Metal, Power, Joist & Stud Detectors
DampCheck - Damp Meter
Damp Detectors & Testers
DampFinder Compact - Damp Meter
Damp Detectors & Testers
ClimaCheck - Digital Humidity & Temperature
Digital & Infrared Thermometers
ThermoSpot One - Infrared Temperature Meter
Digital & Infrared Thermometers
VideoScope XXL - Recordable Inspection Camera 5m
Inspection Cameras