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Bulldog Tools have been made at Clarington Forge in Wigan, England, for over 200 years. Generations of Farmers, Contractors and Professional Landscapers stand testimony to a quality of product upon which their livelihoods depend. The skill and craftsmanship that were the key to the company's success in those early days are still maintained and are available to this day.

Bulldog use a unique specification steel which results in exceptionally strong tool heads with the flexibility to absorb all the shock and pressure of hard work, without distorting or breaking.

The Bulldog name has a long history and enviable reputation. The Bulldog label is a guarantee that, no matter which tool you choose, it will give you a lifetime of reliable service and be a pleasure to use and own.

Categories that feature Bulldog

Border ForksBorder SpadesCable Laying ShovelsDigging ForksDigging SpadesDraining ShovelsEdging Knives & IronsEdging ShearsFencing Mauls & Post RammersFloor & Wall ScrapersForestry ToolsForksGarden RakesGardening Hand ToolsGrafting ShovelsHedge ShearsLandscape & Hay RakesLawn & Grass ShearsLawn & Leaf RakesLoppers - AnvilLoppers - BypassManure, Hay & Feed ToolsPlanters & CultivatorsPosthole Diggers & AugersScythes & Grass HooksSecateurs - AnvilSecateurs - BypassTrenching Shovels  

Key Products

Aluminium Handle Snow Shovel
Coal & Snow Shovels
Evergreen Digging Spade
Digging Spades
Evergreen Border Spade PD
Border Spades
Evergreen Digging Fork
Digging Forks
Evergreen Border Fork PD
Border Forks
Evergreen Lawn Rake 48in Aluminium Shaft
Lawn & Leaf Rakes
Evergreen Garden Rake
Garden Rakes
Evergreen Dutch Hoe
Planters & Cultivators
Evergreen Edging Knife
Edging Knives & Irons
Evergreen Hand Fork
Gardening Hand Tools