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Power Tool Terminology

Power Tool Terminology

1/4in Hex In Spindle

On appliances with this facility the chuck can be removed to reveal a 1/4in hexagon recess in the drive spindle. Any bit with a 1/4in hexagon shank can be changed quickly and is driven directly from the drive spindle.


The capacities quoted are the maximum sizes, depths or thicknesses which can be achieved with the tool.

Depth Sensitive

This is a feature on screwdrivers whereby the screw when set to the required depth, kicks out the clutch which stops rotation.

Double Insulation Or Full Insulation

AII power tools are fully electrically insulated to protect users, even if they should accidentally drill into a live cable.

The tools are insulated inside to protect against any damage which might occur inside the drill and the polyamide case is also protected externally so that in the event of drilling into a cable, when the drill bit and chuck would become "live", the user should be protected by the insulated case provided that the
tool is being held properly.

Dust Extraction

A dust extraction unit is fitted as standard onto selected orbital sanders, belt sanders and hammers and is available as an accessory for grinders, circular saws, jigsaws, planers and routers. Provides important protection to user and environment from excess dust.

Electro Pneumatic Drill

The electro-pneumatic mechanism operates as a piston and striker. Rotary power is converted into reciprocating action.

Full compression is developed striking the drill bit at up to eight times the power of a normal hammer drill.

Ideal for concrete.

Hammer Action

An 'in line' design of reciprocating piston and connecting rod which strikes the drill bit to assist penetration of masonry or concrete. The percussion action is generated by a ridged friction washer or bearing between the chuck and gear casing. The mechanism can be disabled when the drill is used for drilling into wood, metal or other materials.

Hexagon Drive

Chisel and hammer drill holders are designed to receive hexagon tool bits. The common sizes are 13, 17, 19, 21 and 28mm hex.

Orbital Action - Jigsaws

On selected jigsaws the blade moves in an orbiting sweep as well as up and down to ensure fast cutting and reduced blade wear.

Tilting Footplates

These allow angle cuts up to 45° and are usually on jigsaws or circular saws.

Jet Air Cleaning

To overcome the difficulty of following the line to be cut, a jet of air is blown out of the front of the machine to clear loose chippings.


Used for removing screws or jammed drill bits.

Safety Clutch

Fitted to impact drills and hammers to protect the user should the bit become jammed when in use.

Slipping Clutch

Circular saws often become jammed in damp wood, but a slipping clutch allows the blade to slip without damaging the motor.

Spindle Lock

Fitted onto most grinders, this is a means of locking the grinding spindle to allow fast, safe disc change. It is also available on routers and circular saws.

Torque Control

Built-in and pre-selectable torque control enables the setting of screws or bolts to exactly the right depth before stopping electronically, providing more safety for the operator.