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Mini Bender 2611S - 6mm, 8mm & 10mm

Monument mini bender for up to 180° bends on 6 mm , 8 mm and 10 mm copper pipe (outside diameter).

Price £24.46
Delivery Status: Will be despatched within 2/3 working days
brandlogo Code: MON2611
Stock: Will be despatched within 2/3 working days

Box Content

1 x Monument Mini Bender 2611S

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Pipe Bender Carry Bag
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Mini Bender 6/8/10mm
FAIMB Faithfull
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T676810 Multi-Mini Hand Bender 6-10mm
HIL676810 IRWIN Hilmor
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GLM Minor Tube Bender 15-22mm
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15mm Former for GL Minor
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2 15mm Guide for GL Minor
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2 22mm Guide for GL Minor
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Hookstop & Bolt for GL Minor
HIL660032 IRWIN Hilmor
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Condubend Conduit Bender 20-25mm
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EL25 Steel Conduit Bender 20-25mm
HILEL252025 IRWIN Hilmor
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2 20mm Alloy Former for EL25/ EL32
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2 25mm Alloy Former for EL25/ EL32
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Former 25mm From £86.66
20mm Aluminium Guide for EL25/ EL32
HIL562521 IRWIN Hilmor
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Grooved Roller for EL25/EL32
HIL102010 IRWIN Hilmor
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Roller Pin for EL25/EL32
HIL120465 IRWIN Hilmor
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Pv1 Pipe Vice for EL25/ EL32
HIL400300 IRWIN Hilmor
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Centre Pin for EL25/EL32/K3B
HIL120422 IRWIN Hilmor
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Safety Pin & Chain for EL25/EL32
HIL090757 IRWIN Hilmor
Spares £16.90
Tube Stop for CM42/ EL25/ EL32/ K3B
HIL620103 IRWIN Hilmor
Spares £30.55
Pipe Vice Jaws Nuts & Screws (3)
HIL661053 IRWIN Hilmor
Spares £59.15
CM35 Copper Tube Bender 15-28mm
HILCM351528 IRWIN Hilmor
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UL223 Tube Bender 15-42mm
Universal Bender 15-42mm £457.90
4 15mm Alloy Former for CM35/ 42 /UL223
HIL563214 IRWIN Hilmor
Former 15mm From £67.76
4 22mm Alloy Former for CM35/ 42 /UL223
HIL563216 IRWIN Hilmor
Former 22mm From £67.76
4 28mm Alloy Former for CM35/ 42 /UL223
HIL563217 IRWIN Hilmor
Former 28mm From £67.76
4 35mm Alloy Former for CM35/ 42 /UL223
HIL563218 IRWIN Hilmor
Former 35mm From £67.76
2 28mm Aluminium Guide for CM35/ 42 /UL223
HIL561006 IRWIN Hilmor
Guide 28mm From £37.20
2 35mm Aluminium Guide for CM35/ 42 /UL223
HIL561008 IRWIN Hilmor
Guide 35mm From £37.20
2600K Copper Pipe Bender 15mm & 22mm
MON2600 Monument
Mini Bender 15-22mm £82.96
Mini Bender 2611S - 6mm, 8mm & 10mm
MON2611 Monument
Mini Bender 6-10mm £24.46
2 2601N Guide 15mm
MON2601 Monument
Guide 15mm From £9.99
2 2603T Guide 22mm
MON2603 Monument
Guide 22mm From £9.99
4 21 Bench Yoke Vice 3-50mm Capacity 40080
Yoke Vice 3-50mm From £156.60
4 23 Bench Yoke Vice 3-80mm Capacity 40090
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4 25 Bench Yoke Vice 3-100mm Capacity 40100
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4 27 Bench Yoke Vice 3-150mm Capacity 40110
Yoke Vice 3-150mm From £156.60
Mini Bender 210 (3, 4 & 6mm Copper)
REC210 IRWIN Record
Mini Bender 3-6mm £28.48
Tube Bender 6/8/10mm
DDY18045 Dickie Dyer
Mini Bender 6-10mm £12.47
Pipe Bender with Guides 15/22mm
DDY11205 Dickie Dyer
Dual Size 15-22mm £49.99
2 Spare Guide For Pipe Bender 15mm
DDY11206 Dickie Dyer
Guide 15mm From £5.88
2 Spare Guide For Pipe Bender 22mm
DDY11207 Dickie Dyer
Guide 22mm From £5.88
Mini Tube Bender 6, 8 & 10mm
STA070451 Stanley Tools
Mini Bender 6-10mm £22.27

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