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The Stabila name has been inextricably linked to the building industry for over 100 years. Constant, innovative further development of measuring equipment, numerous patents and demand for quality and ease of operation have formed the basis for the brand's long and successful history.

Now, from its base in Annweiler, Stabila continues to research new ways to solve measurement problems for the building industry and even more professionally than ever before, thanks to its highly qualified workforce and the very latest technology.

Thanks to its innovations and the high quality of its measurement equipment, Stabila is not only the market leader in its sector in Germany but also one of the most important manufacturers of folding rules, spirit levels and laser-assisted measuring instruments in the world.

Categories that feature Stabila

10m - 33ft Pocket Tapes15m - 50ft Long Tapes3m - 10ft Pocket Tapes5m - 16ft Pocket Tapes8m - 26ft Pocket TapesAngle LevelsElectronic LevelsExtendable Box LevelsGirder LevelsLaser AccessoriesLaser Distance MeasuresLaser Levels - Automatic RotationLaser Levels - Point / Cross LineLevel BagsLine, Pocket & Post LevelsMeasuring RodsOptical LevelRules - Wooden & Plastic FoldingStabila Box LevelsTorpedo, Scaffold & Boat Levels