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Gorilla Glue

Gorilla® Glue: The Gorilla® Glue Company is a Family Owned business, based in Cincinnati USA. Gorilla® Glue Europe was founded in January 2008.

Products:  Gorilla® Glue Polyurethane, Gorilla™ Super Glue, Gorilla® Wood Glue, Gorilla® Tape, O’Keeffe’s® Working Hands.

Gorilla® Glue: Versatility: Ideal for most household fixes and building repairs, indoors and out. Bonds wood, metal, stone, foam, glass, and more. More Coverage: Gorilla® Glue expands to 3x its size during curing. Remember a little goes a long way. 100% Waterproof: Won’t break down with exposure to moisture. Temperature Resistant: Unaffected by extreme heat or cold. Low VOC and Non-Toxic once-cured.

Gorilla™ Super Glue: Instantly Bonds Just About Anything: Sticks to rubber, paper, wood, leather, metal, ceramics, some plastics, and more. Impact Strength: Unique rubber particles provide built in shock resistance for a less brittle bond. Easy-To-Use: Thicker formula improves flow control and dries in just 30-60 seconds. No clamping required. Reduced Clogging: Anti-clog cap with a metal pin keeps nozzle clean and the glue fresh.

Gorilla® Wood Glue: Complete Projects Faster: Time is money. Gorilla® Wood Glue bonds stronger faster and requires just 20 minutes of clamp time on most materials. Use Indoor Or Outdoor: D3 water-resistant, plus versatile enough to use on hardwoods, softwoods and wood-composites. Dries Natural Color: No orange after-glow like many yellow types of glue. Only real wood fibers, for a natural looking bond line. Easy To Use PVA: Non-toxic, solvents and mildew resistant, FDA approved for indirect food contact. Easy water clean-up

Gorilla® Tape: Tough All-Weather Shell: Helps create a tight barrier that can withstand moisture, UV rays and temperature extremes. Strong, Reinforced Backing: Tightly woven for extra strength, but still easy to tear by hand. Double-Thick Adhesive: Fills in gaps on rough, uneven surfaces for super-strong grip.

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands:  Guaranteed Relief for Dry Hands that crack & Split. Absolutely Odorless , Oil-Free & Hypoallergenic, Non-Greasy Guaranteed Relief in Days

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