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Gorilla Glue

Gorilla® Glue: The Gorilla® Glue Company is a Family Owned business, based in Cincinnati USA. Gorilla® Glue Europe was founded in January 2008.

Products:  Gorilla® Glue Polyurethane, Gorilla™ Super Glue, Gorilla® Wood Glue, Gorilla® Tape, O’Keeffe’s® Working Hands.

Gorilla® Glue: Versatility: Ideal for most household fixes and building repairs, indoors and out. Bonds wood, metal, stone, foam, glass, and more. More Coverage: Gorilla® Glue expands to 3x its size during curing. Remember a little goes a long way. 100% Waterproof: Won’t break down with exposure to moisture. Temperature Resistant: Unaffected by extreme heat or cold. Low VOC and Non-Toxic once-cured.

Gorilla™ Super Glue: Instantly Bonds Just About Anything: Sticks to rubber, paper, wood, leather, metal, ceramics, some plastics, and more. Impact Strength: Unique rubber particles provide built in shock resistance for a less brittle bond. Easy-To-Use: Thicker formula improves flow control and dries in just 30-60 seconds. No clamping required. Reduced Clogging: Anti-clog cap with a metal pin keeps nozzle clean and the glue fresh.

Gorilla® Wood Glue: Complete Projects Faster: Time is money. Gorilla® Wood Glue bonds stronger faster and requires just 20 minutes of clamp time on most materials. Use Indoor Or Outdoor: D3 water-resistant, plus versatile enough to use on hardwoods, softwoods and wood-composites. Dries Natural Color: No orange after-glow like many yellow types of glue. Only real wood fibers, for a natural looking bond line. Easy To Use PVA: Non-toxic, solvents and mildew resistant, FDA approved for indirect food contact. Easy water clean-up

Gorilla® Tape: Tough All-Weather Shell: Helps create a tight barrier that can withstand moisture, UV rays and temperature extremes. Strong, Reinforced Backing: Tightly woven for extra strength, but still easy to tear by hand. Double-Thick Adhesive: Fills in gaps on rough, uneven surfaces for super-strong grip.

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands:  Guaranteed Relief for Dry Hands that crack & Split. Absolutely Odorless , Oil-Free & Hypoallergenic, Non-Greasy Guaranteed Relief in Days

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Key Products

Gorilla Tape Clear Repair 48mm x 8.2m
Gaffa & Builders Tapes
Gorilla Superglue 3g
Super Glue
Gorilla PVA Wood Glue 118ml
Wood Adhesives
Gorilla PVA Wood Glue 236ml
Wood Adhesives
Gorilla PVA Wood Glue 532ml
Wood Adhesives
Gorilla Superglue Gel 15g
Super Glue
Gorilla Tape White 48mm x 27m
Gaffa & Builders Tapes
Gorilla 5 Min 2-Part Epoxy Syringe 25ml
Araldite® & Epoxy Adhesives
Gorilla Polyurethane Glue 1Litre
Wood Adhesives
Gorilla Polyurethane Glue 115ml
Wood Adhesives