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Padlocks and Hasp & Staples

Padlocks, Door Locks & SecurityPadlocks and Hasp & Staples

Product Listing

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HLS50S High Security Lockset Solid Hardened Steel (CEN Grade 5)
Henry Squire
2 LB2CS Shielded Bracket
Henry Squire
From £26.71
LH1 Locking Hasp
Henry Squire
9 Lion Brass Padlocks
Henry Squire
From £7.12
4 Leopard Solid Brass Padlocks
Henry Squire
From £5.68
NO.8 Hardened Maxiclam 216mm
Henry Squire
2 Stronghold Re-Codeable Padlocks
Henry Squire
From £48.89
SHH1 Double Hasp & Staple 160mm
Henry Squire