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Cooper Hand Tools is a major worldwide manufacturing company, with a sound base for providing the most comprehensive line of quality tools and equipment to meet the ever-changing needs of an expanding industry.

Its famous brands Weller, Crescent, Wiss, Nicholson, Lufkin, Xcelite and H.K.Porter are outstanding for their quality and performance.

Cooper Hand Tools is soundly based to maintain and develop its reputation for producing high quality tools and equipment worthy of tradesmen, professionals and craftsmen.

Besides the European Head Quarter in Besigheim, Germany and the European Distribution Centre in Emmen, Holland, Cooper Hand Tools drives locations in United Kingdom, France, Italy and Switzerland.

Categories that feature Xcelite

Craft Knives & BladesNutspinnersRatchet ScrewdriversTweezers  

Key Products

PS-120 Nut Driver Set
XL75 Offset Ratchet Screwdriver Set
Ratchet Screwdrivers
XN-100 Light-Duty Craft Knife
Craft Knives & Blades
XN-200 Medium-Duty Craft Knife
Craft Knives & Blades
XN-210 Heavy-Duty Craft Knife
Craft Knives & Blades
XN-300 Carving Knife
Craft Knives & Blades
XNS-100 Craft Knife Set Light-Med
Craft Knives & Blades
XNB-101 Pack of 5 Standard Blades
Craft Knives & Blades
XNB-103 Pack of 5 Fine Pointed Blades
Craft Knives & Blades
XNB-105 Pack of 5 Stencil Blades
Craft Knives & Blades