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Savvy. Ingenuity. Moxie. Craftsmanship. Attention to detail. These are just a few of the company traits that contributed to their emergence as a world leader in outdoor gear. But then there's the issue of toughness. And frankly, nothing could be tougher than living down the first career of founder Joseph Gerber as...that's advertising man. You could call it the "Boy Named Sue" syndrome.

Joseph Gerber started Portland, Oregon's Gerber Advertising back in 1910. One Christmas, he hired a local knifemaker to craft 25 sets of kitchen cutlery as client gifts. The knives were so popular, Mr. Gerber ultimately left his agency to launch Gerber Legendary Blades in 1939.

It makes sense, really. An idea man gets the idea of a lifetime and turns it into a major outdoor brand. One that commands respect among knifelovers and knifemakers alike. And now that high regard is spreading in new directions, in the form of many outstanding products. Such as tools, personal L.E.D. lighting, and many others.

With a history like theirs-and products like these, it's no wonder they're completely unafraid of the future.

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Key Products

Bear Grylls Compact Multi-Tool
Survival Tools
Crucial Multi-Tool - Green
Multi-Tool Pliers
Evo Multi-Tool
Multi-Tool Pliers
Stainless Steel Multi-Plier 600 - Bluntnose
Multi-Tool Pliers
Stainless Steel Multi-Plier 600 - Needlenose
Multi-Tool Pliers
MP600 Pro-Scout Needle Nose Pliers With Sheath
Multi-Tool Pliers
Splice Pocket Tool
Multi-Tool Pliers
Vise Pocket Tool
Multi-Tool Pliers
Bladeless Multi-Plier 600
Multi-Tool Pliers
Center-Drive Multi-Tool
Multi-Tool Pliers