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9531 Long Flat Bit

The Bahco Long Flat Bit is a top quality flat bit with an extended shaft, useful for reaching awkward spots or for drilling accurate, deep holes into wood.


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BAH953110: £8.78
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Box Content

1 x Bahco 9531-10-CA Long Flatbit 10mm

Other Products within the Group

Name Diameter Working Length Overall Length Pack quantity Price
9531-6-CA Long Flat Bit 6mm
BAH95316 Bahco
6.0mm 400mm £8.26
9531-8-CA Long Flat Bit 8mm
BAH95318 Bahco
8.0mm 400mm £8.60
9531-10-CA Long Flat Bit 10mm
BAH953110 Bahco
10.0mm 400mm £8.78
9531-12-CA Long Flat Bit 12mm
BAH953112 Bahco
12.0mm 400mm £8.95
9531-13-CA Long Flat Bit 13mm
BAH953113 Bahco
13.0mm 400mm £9.12
9531-14-CA Long Flat Bit 14mm
BAH953114 Bahco
14.0mm 400mm £9.30
9531-16-CA Long Flat Bit 16mm
BAH953116 Bahco
16.0mm 400mm £9.64
9531-18-CA Long Flat Bit 18mm
BAH953118 Bahco
18.0mm 400mm £9.80
9531-19-CA Long Flat Bit 19mm
BAH953119 Bahco
19.0mm 400mm £9.97
9531-20-CA Long Flat Bit 20mm
BAH953120 Bahco
20.0mm 400mm £10.33
9531-22-CA Long Flat Bit 22mm
BAH953122 Bahco
22.0mm 400mm £11.02
9531-24-CA Long Flat Bit 24mm
BAH953124 Bahco
24.0mm 400mm £11.70
9531-25-CA Long Flat Bit 25mm
BAH953125 Bahco
25.0mm 400mm £13.08
9531-28-CA Long Flat Bit 28mm
BAH953128 Bahco
28.0mm 400mm £14.45
9531-30-CA Long Flat Bit 30mm
BAH953130 Bahco
30.0mm 400mm £15.14
9531-32-CA Long Flat Bit 32mm
BAH953132 Bahco
32.0mm 400mm £15.47
9531-35-CA Long Flat Bit 35mm
BAH953135 Bahco
35.0mm 400mm £15.83
9531-38-CA Long Flat Bit 38mm
BAH953138 Bahco
38.0mm 400mm £16.16

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