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Anodised Double Sided Steps

The Zarges Double Sided Stepladders have stiles with a smooth anodised finish and 80mm deep treads to allow standing without fatigue. The treads and stiles are made from extruded aluminium sections for excellent durability.

There is a triple riveted connection between treads and stiles to ensure maximum strength, and a high-strength Perlon strap with sewn-in fixing strap prevents splaying. The feet are fitted with plastic end caps to help to prevent slipping.

They conform to EN 131, and have a 150 kilo rating.

Number of treads: 2 x 3.
Open height: 0.71m.
Weights: 3.2kg.
Stile depth: 42mm
Overall base width: 0.43m.
Base spread: 0.66m.

Delivered Direct to Business, Site or Home, please note a carriage surcharge may apply dependant on the delivery address, please contact us for further details.

Price is for individual model shown.
ZAR41263: £142.20
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brandlogo Code: ZAR41263
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Box Content

1 x Zarges Anodised Double Sided Steps 2 x 3 Rungs

Other Products within the Group

Treads Stile Depth Weight
Name Open Height Overall Base Width Price
Anodised Double Sided Steps Open 0.71m 2 x 3 Rungs Code: ZAR41263 £142.20
2 x 3 0.71m 42mm 0.43m 3.2kg
Anodised Double Sided Steps Open 0.95m 2 x 4 Rungs Code: ZAR41264 £173.70
2 x 4 0.95m 42mm 0.45m 4.1kg
Anodised Double Sided Steps Open1.19m 2 x 5 Rungs Code: ZAR41265 £212.40
2 x 5 1.19m 42mm 0.48m 5.1kg
Anodised Double Sided Steps Open 1.43m 2 x 6 Rungs Code: ZAR41266 £242.99
2 x 6 1.43m 42mm 0.50m 6.1kg
Anodised Double Sided Steps Open 1.67m 2 x 7 Rungs Code: ZAR41267 £287.99
2 x 7 1.67m 42mm 0.53m 7.2kg
Anodised Double Sided Steps Open 1.91m 2 x 8 Rungs Code: ZAR41268 £338.40
2 x 8 1.91m 48mm 0.55m 9.0kg
Anodised Double Sided Steps Open 2.38m 2 x 10 Rungs Code: ZAR41270 £422.99
2 x 10 2.38m 48mm 0.60m 12.4kg

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