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Ledlenser is the World's leading brand of technologically advanced, high-quality LED Torches and Lamps.  These lights use state-of-the-art engineering and a variety of patent pending reflector systems to create the brightest, most energy-efficient LED lights available.  Incredibly compact, Ledlenser lights provide up to 900 hours of light from one set of batteries and up to 100,000 hours of light from the LED light chip.

Categories that feature Ledlenser

Handheld TorchesHeadlampsKeyring & Pocket TorchesSmall Electronic Batteries  

Key Products

L7 Light Polycarbonate Torch
Handheld Torches
H5 Headlamp (Test-It Pack)
K2 Mini Key-Light
Keyring & Pocket Torches
K2 Key-Light Keyring Torch POS (18 x K2) with Auto Header
L - Z Manufacturer Displays
K3 Black Key Ring Torch Gift Box
Keyring & Pocket Torches
P2 Key-Ring Torch (Gift Box)
Keyring & Pocket Torches
P2 Key-Ring Torch (Test-It Pack)
Keyring & Pocket Torches
P4 LED Torch (Test-It Pack)
Handheld Torches
F1 Tactical Torch (Gift Box)
Handheld Torches
P7 Professional Torch With Pressure Switch & Gun Mount
Handheld Torches